Trackimo - Vehicle/Marine Kit - Power Supply/Charger. Be Connected at all Times - Free Postage

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Power stabilizer and regulator to ensure constant power supply and optimal performance for the Trackimo device...

To be used for continuous charging of the Trackimo Universal tracking Device

Cars, Trucks, Boats, e-Bikes, Motorcycles, ATV, construction and heavy equipment, golf carts and anything else that moves..
Input voltage range: 8V - 35V
Can be “hard wired” to a car 12V plus and minus supply line
Including safety fuse to protect the car and the device.
Total wires length: 2 meters (6.5 feet)
DC voltage input wires: 1 Meter (3 feet)
Fuse: Included to protect power source
Output: 5V / 3A micro USB connector

Important: Do not use other (non Trackimo) 12V to Micro USB chargers. They are not 3A rated and are not heat rated to be inside a car that is under the sun, generating hot boiling temperature. Other "non Trackimo" chargers/power supply may melt due to overheat & extreme temperature, damage the connector and the tracker, voiding the Trackimo warranty.

Optional Hard wire kit to permanently connecting the Trackimo to your battery with full charge at all Times.

This optional accessory allow you to connect your Trackimo to your battery, so it is on all the time. Easy DIY installation.

Trackimo all models - Vehicle/Marine Kit - Power Supply/Charger. Be Connected at all Times. -

Input voltage range: 12V - 35V

Can be “hard wired” to car + & - Terminals..

Wires length: 1 meter

Faster more expensive CPUs, newest GPS chip drain 50% less battery.

Output: 5V micro USB connector to Trackimo Device.

If you are planning to use Trackimo with Cars and car fleets, Boats, Vans, Trucks, Motorcycles, Trailers, Caravans and so much more, you should get this accessory.

Ready to go in few minutes, just connect and place Trackimo anywhere you like.(after initial charge from any USB power, and settings, as per user manual)