About Us


Trackimo Australasia, Established in 2014, is a Sydney Australia based company, exclusive distributors for Trackimo and Tracki Tracking devices, Accessories and parts, and is part of the International Trackimo LLC Company which is based in New York USA. We offer local Customer service and Global Technical Support 24x7


Finally found the perfect GPS tracker for Dementia patient

My mother has dementia, but you'd never know it if you look at her. She was lost in the center of a major city for hours, with no hope of finding her. I was distraught to say the least. Thanks to the diligence of police professionals and the carer, my mother was found safe, though dripping in sweat from having walked for the hours that she was lost.

Then I found Trackimo.

She loves her little device. She has no idea what it is or why I insist to put it in her pants pockets daily but she dutifully slips it in her pocket every time she's ready to leave the house. Now I am rest assured that I can track her to the very spot on which she is standing, at any time. I can't imagine life without Trackimo, now that we have it.

No complaints so far, just gratitude for the peace of mind.