20W 12V Waterproof Monocrystal Solar Panel Semi-flexible Solar Cells Poly Solar Panel Module Battery Charger

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Solar panels:
-Light weight, easy to carry.
-High conversion rate, high output.
-Resistance to resistance, can resist different environment, waterproof performance is good.
-High stability, good durability
-With Sunpower chip, can be used for car ,home, boat, motorcycle, etc.
-Suitable for car batteries, car, RV, boat, ship, aircraft, satellites, space stations, outdoor breeding, planting, tourism, solar street lamp.
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 54x28x0.25cm/21.25"x11"x0.098"
Power: 20W
Working voltage: 12V
Pmax: 20watt
Ipmax: 1.11A
ISC: 1.22A
Voc: 20.5V
Maximum system voltage: 700V
Junction Box: IP67 Rated
Operating temperature: -40℃-+85℃
Length of cable: Approx. 3m/118.1"
Weight: 808g

Solar Controller:

-Load operating modes: Pure light control, Light control+timing, Manual control, Debug mode, Normally open mode.
-Using thick cable to connect the controller and storage battery, the storage battery close to the controller .
-12V system: rated working voltage of 12V, maximum output power of 120W, photocells rated working voltage 17V, the controller's maximum input power 170W. -24V system: rated working voltage of 24V, maximum output power of 240W, photocells rated working voltage 36V, the controller's maximum input power 180W.
Voltage:12v / 24v
Current: 10A
Color: Black
Weight: 150g
Package Weihgt: 187g
Size: Approx. 13.5x7x3cm

Package Includes:

1x 12V 20W Solar panels
1x 12V/24V 10A Charger Controller

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