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Asset Tracking & Management for Lone Workers, Vehicles & Trailers, Trucks, Boats, Cargo Containers - High Value Priority Packages and More..

What is Trackimo?
Trackimo is the world's smallest, most feature rich, most affordable Global 3G GPS Tracking Device.

Trackimo allows you to easily track anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.


We made a system form monitoring, managing, reporting, alerting on SMS or E-mail and anti-theft control using cutting-edge professional equipment. The results are easy accessible to current location information, parking, distance travelled, vehicle stops, fuel consumption, daily work sheets. All of these data gives fleet managers the ability to reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency.



> Real - time Global communication > All Fleet Management
> Fleet Management > Merchandise distribution and transport
> Modular architecture client / server > Public transport; Personal vehicles
> Advanced analytical and statistic solutions, processing, reporting > Construction and agricultural machinery
> Low costs on initial devices and subscription > Taxi, Buses, rent-a-car, Uber
> Global vector maps > Emergency and security services
> SMS and E-mail alerts for Speed, SOS, Movement, Fence and more. > Fire and rescue; Police;
> Free 12 months Global Service with every device > Banks – value transfer;
> Unlimited Device monitoring, on one Screen. > Animal control, Pet control

Trackimo line of devices and accessories.

Trackimo 3G Automotive

Fleet Waterproof Battery Pack

Vehicle Power supply/Charger

Waterproof box + Magnet

Trackimo tracks your cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATV's, Motor Homes, bicycles, fleets, anywhere in the world.

Establish a geo-fence that notifies you when broken.

Trackimo 12V accessory allows you to hardwire directly to vehicle. Speed alert notifies you when it's exceeded


Designed to extend the life of Trackimo GPS tracker by up to 120 days.

Include a waterproof housing, lithium-Ion batteries, and wiring.

Essential for any business owners who need to keep track of their expensive cargo at all times.


This kit will help you attach your Trackimo tracker to your vehicle – no need to worry about uncharged battery of the tracker anymore!

Always know the location of your car / boat / truck
Input voltage range: 8v - 35v Can be “hard wired” to car + & - Wires length: 1 meter Output: 5v micro USB connector

Waterproof box that can house the Trackimo GPS tracking device with a battery of 3500mAh (instead of the builtin of 600mAh) basically 6 times battery life (about 12-21 days)

Strong Box, with strong magnet and also special slots (can be seen beside the magnet) to hook it to farm animal belt, cargo, shipments, boat engine or expensive mobile construction equipment.

Worldwide Coverage
Trackimo is supported by a worldwide cellular coverage plan.

Track your assets 24/7 around the world !

Enterprise Platform
Fleet Asset Tracking and Management Software included.