Trackimo GPS Tracker Universal drone attachment kit - Only 3 grams

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Made from special, industrial grade Hook and Loop strap.

Fits 95% of all drone types and weighs only 3 grams compared to 10 - 20 gram plastic mounts.

Advantages of Trackimo® Drone Attachment kit over Plastic mount:

1.The Trackimo kit is far less apt to detach in case of collision or hard landing, thus preventing loss.

2.The Trackimo kit is more aerodynamic, creating less wind resistance than plastic mounts.

3.Weighing only 3 grams, the Trackimo kit has little to no effect on the balance and stability of your drone.

30% of drone owners lost their drone never to be found

Reasons your drone can fly away:
Fighting the wind
Radio interference
Faulty firmware upgrade
Loss of line of sight
Software glitches
Bad Global Positioning System data
Loss of connections to controllers
Piloting error


30% of drone owners experienced flyaway
Never lose your drone