PET - Realtime, Dog & Cat Collar GPS / GSM Tracking device ,Waterproof, Long lasting battery

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Product Features:

1. SMS and GPRS dual mode or switch between them.
2. Real-time location tracking
3. Vibration alarm
4. Handset search function
5. Cross-border alarm
6. Electronic fence, you can set a fixed area, it will alarm if pet is beyond that fixed area.
7. Shift alarm: The tracker will set up defense when it stops. Once it is shifted, it will alarm by sending message to the authorized number.
8. Over speed alarm: You can set up a speed range to monitor the target. It will alarm if the target speed is over the setted speed.
9. Low power alarm function
10. SMS and GPRS two modes
11. Power saving and low power mode
12. Long standby
13. Waterproof and dust proof function
14. Locating accuracy 5 M

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