U821 RC Helicopter Quadcopter 3.5CH multi-purpose Flying Car Control Driving On Land

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Item Name:UDI U821
Item No.:U821
Color: Red & Blue
Size:26.2 x 13.5 x 14.8 cm
Main Blade Diameter: 22.4cm
Weight: 87.2g
Box Size: 38 x 14.5 x 18.5cm
Helicopter Battery: 3.7V 350Mah
Transmitter Battery: 6 AA (Not Included)
Frequency: Infrared Ray
Flight Time: About 10 mins
Charging Time: About 45 mins
Remote control distance: 8-10m


The charging time is 45 minutes for large capacity battery supporting remote control aircraft. The battery charger with an indicator light which can on and off automatically to show whether is charged or not ! The flight time of remote control helicopter can not be calculated correctly and its average time is about 5-8 minutes.Since the difference of technology and environment of operating plane as well as the size of the wind are the key factors to influence the flight time. So the flight time can't be calculated on the length of one flight time!

In addition; when using the remote control to control the helicopter shows not very sensitive; remember to replace the battery to prevent the pane in the remote control process for receiving less signal to fall; causing the damage.

Package contents:

-1 x RC Helicopter
-1 x Transmitter
-1 x User manual
-1 x Charger
-1 x Tail rotor blade
-2 x Main rotor blade
-1 x Connect-buckle

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