Vehicle/Marine, Cable Kit, OBD to Micro USB Cable for Trackimo GPS Trackers

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Use your Trackimo in any Vehicle/Boat and don't worry about charging the device. Get constant power supply using the OBD port in the Vehicle/Boat etc.

Package Includes:

OBD2 Cable, 16Pin OBD II Male to 90 Degree Micro USB Intelligent Power stabilizer charging cable/adopter.


  • Wire length: 7 feet (2 meters)
  • High efficiency conversion rate from 95% to 98% when 12V input and from 88% to 90% when 24V input.
  • 1.6A overcurrent protection with accurate current limiting from 0-2A
  • 5.6V overvoltage protection from damaging devices
  • 11.5V low voltage protection detected automatically to avoid excessive loss of storage battery causing unsuccessful ignition.
  • Short circuit protection to reduce the possibility of spontaneous combustion.