5W/7W Foldable Emergency Solar Panel Charger, Cheap energy any time..

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Power: 5W.
USB output parameters: 5V1A.
3 panels 1 USB port.
Conversion rate: 17%.

Power: 7W.
USB output parameters: 5V 1.4A.
4 panels 1 USB port.
Conversion rate: 18%.


PVC nylon material + polysilicon solar panel.
Fabric Features:
Appearance wearable, waterproof, dustproof, drop resistance.
High strength, non-conductive, environmental protection.
Solar panel features:
Waterproof, anti-oxidation, high transmittance, high conversion rate.

Package content:

1 x Folding Solar panel

1 x Bag with accessories.

Please note:

Direct charge, Direct use.
Can not store electrical energy by itself. Or demand storage battery or mobile power distribution.
Only under sun light condition, convert solar energy into electrical energy.
Best charging angle:Solar panels facing direct sunlight, irradiation angle as close to 90 degrees.
Do not place the charger in the rain outside.
Do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with a sharp object.

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